In 2003, Managing Editor Laurie E. Notch had a brainstorm of an idea--build an online and print platform for burgeoning writers and visual artists to showcase their work. The publication of IdeaGems Magazine and its various spin-offs ran for nine years. The publication featured writers and artists from all over the world with special emphasis on promoting women in the arts, with special highlights on stories from prison and writers dealing with mental health issues. Then the presses stopped in 2014.

Ever striving to reinvent itself, IdeaGems launched into multimedia production, including web design -- especially authors’ sites -- and video production.  We worked with material from the serious (violence in the deaf community) to the sublime (saving the drive-in theater, an American icon) to the downright weird (experimental videos by a guy with Wilson’s Disease).

Graham Greene

Currently, our small imprint is planning on breaking out of its hiatus by creating a publication devoted to writers coping with mental health issues and those who are incarcerated. Laurie E. Notch has been a creative writing instructor in the prison system and has published several stories. She has also worked with writers who suffer from mental health issues.

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